• QTMS software is specifically developed for the LÔÇÖOreal India Pvt. Limited Pune. Quality management is a most important concern for production unit of LÔÇÖOreal. QTMS is very crucial software for quality analysis of the raw material as well as packed material.



  • It is an enormous task to generate overall Lot Dossier report to judge the quality of product.


Cumbersome process

  • In the production process of a cosmetic, beauty product or perfume the Lot of product goes through the various phases of production. In each phase some analysis or testing is done on that Lot. QTMS helps to maintain the record of that analysis which helps to detect quality of product.



  • Following are the phases through which analysis is done:
    Bulk Test
    Line Packing Tests
    Preservative Tests
    Microbiology Test
    Finished Good Test
    During the above phases aossier report is generated which helps to judge the quality of that product.


Support to Operating Systems

  • Windows XP / Windows 2000.


Technology Used

  • C# .Net Windows Application,
    MS-SQL Server.