Get organized. Simply.


  • Emails, paper and / or electronic documents – stored in one place locally or in the Cloud
  • Documents are Indexed, made searchable and easily found using a PC, Tablet or Mobile Device
  • Documents are encrypted ensuring that information is kept safe
  • Easy sharing with colleagues, while keeping selected documents private
  • Ideal for small business, departmental or home use
  • Easy to upgrade

OfficioDM User.

Single user encrypted document management software suitable for small business, home or individual use. Each system can have up to 5 cabinets with up to 4 index fields in each.

OfficioDM can store a maximum of 10,000 documents made up of all file types. Common file types such as pdf, jpg and Microsoft Office Documents can be viewed within the system whilst other types will require the relevant application. The files are securely stored in one place.

  • A single user product operating on PC’s using the Windows operating system.
  • The documents are encrypted
  • Filestream OfficioDM can be fully upgraded to Filestream OfficioDM Pro and the Enterprise version of Filestream Filestream V4.

System Requirements

Please see below for a complete list of the minimum systems requirements for OfficioDM.
A downloadable version of our requirements is available by clicking here.