• Idea is one of the largest Telecommunication Service provider in India. The process of maintaining the data and electronic documents of customers having idea postpaid connection in proper format .To provide timely MIS reports to clients. To make retrieval of information easy.



  • The main challenge was maintaining Quality related documents and Data in Computerized maintained format.


Cumbersome process:

  • To find the information about a particular customer in million records is tedious process. Find the respective position and fetch the respective quality related paper from huge heaps of files. Make copies for the client and refill the documents in respective files. Major problem was handling documents, which some times use to get misplaced causing lot of embarrassment and inconvenience to clients.



  • Idea Postpaid Systems was used here to bring an end to their entire document and data related worries and make the working system more efficient and help them to improve their business efficiency. This software helps to manage information of customers having Postpaid connections. Using this software, The whole Business Process Management of creating receipt of forms, Data entry, Data correction, Auditing and tagging was made easy. Box no and file no is assigned to each form in this process which refers its position in the warehouse which made retrieval of forms very easy in a huge warehouse.


Support to Operating Systems

  • Windows XP / Windows 2000.


Technology Used

  • Java, Swings, Jasper Reports.
    MS-SQL Server.
  • MS-SQL 2000.