• The Services Project developed for Vodafone caters to various requirements like Data capturing / Data Entry, Document and Form Processing. In our projects we provide scanning of documents, their conversion into Tiff, Gif, PDF and jpeg files depending on client preference. Our Projects includes Data Entry from image files like Tiff, PDF, jpegs. Receipt and Bill Data Entry. The form of whose data entry is done includes Credit Card Applications, Bank Application Forms, Sim Card Application Forms, and Forms for connection of mobile. Services project include image processing and extracting information from 2D bar-codes. Since the confidentiality of the client data needs to be taken into conslideration we developed system in our project that only administrator has privileges of assigning rights to users who are doing these data entry.



  • The main challenge was being able to deliver timely reports to clients and to give clients more than his expectations.


Cumbersome process

  • The project required us to process the image to various outputs. It also required to expertise one on reading bar code, image processing. It required keeping track of all the forms so that the reports, retrieval process of forms which we needed to submit to clients. Keeping track of these forms which are in millions can be a cumbersome process to handle.



  • Through the software, the documents were scanned on basis of bar code which we assigned to them and indexed as per box number and their file numbers. Through this concept of box number and file number which was assigned to each form keeping track of form and retrieval process of forms became simple. Whenever documents were required by Vodafone we were able to submit it from our huge warehouse within minutes. Our software was put in here to bring an end to the entire document related worries and make the working system more efficient and help them to improve our business efficiency.


Support to Operating Systems

  • Windows XP / Windows 2000.


Technology Used:

  • Java, Swings, Jasper Reports.
    MS-SQL Server.